Saturday, April 24, 2010

If You Believe

“Fucking Fairy!” Carl slammed the crowbar onto Tink's knee. She emitted a shrill jangling scream like the bell on a shop door that had been slammed shut. Tink writhed against the fence, unable to twist away from the blows. Her hands were tied to the post behind her back, forcing her to stay in a standing position.

“Where are your wings, you freak?” Carl asked. “Did you have them cut off?” Did you really think you could pass for human? You can't even talk. How fucking dumb are you?”

Carl swung the crowbar down again, this time connecting with Tink's other knee. She slumped forward, no longer able to support her own weight but unable to fall to the ground. She sobbed quietly, not able to gather the strength to scream again.

“You should have stayed in Never-Never Land,” he growled. He cracked her in the temple with the crowbar. This time, she didn't make a sound. Blood trickled slowly down her face, dripping off her delicate up-turned nose and matted her blonde hair to her forehead. Carl dropped the crowbar to the ground and ran his trembling hand through his hair. He walked back to his truck and cranked it. The headlight beams fell on Tink, illuminating her crumpled form.

“Who's gonna clap for you now, fairy?” Carl muttered to himself and put his truck into reverse. The headlights swung away from Tink and onto the dirt trail, leaving her alone in the darkness.

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